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The Game

Clarisse is a point and click game with a strong narrative experience focused on the investigation and the emotional responses of the player.

You will take the role of an artificial intelligence called Clarisse, that was created to help and support an important doctor in his investigations.

You will work in an advanced science facility and learn through different mechanics and narrative experiences that gives you the chance to know more about the experiment, the Dr. Matt and even you.


The style of gameplay is like a 2D point & Click game. We are focused to bring the player the sense of feeling like an Artificial Intelligence. You will learn in progression and will feel like a AI that It´s learning things about the world that surrounds it.

The story evolves using different elements:

  • Click elements: objects and narrative elements give you access to some new information and playable actions.
  • Puzzles: you will have to solve different mechanics to advance in the game.
  • Information: you could help Dr Matt with the work using your handicaps, but it is necessary to know and participate with the documentation and research.
  • Mails: sometimes you have to deal with the life of dr.matt, getting involved through the narrative by answering personal emails.

The main references of the game are:

  • Paper Please: The documentary investigation.
  • Don't touch anything: Thinking in the puzzle mechanics.
  • 2001: a space odyssey: For the mood and the feeling of the game.

Our Goals

Clarisse is our first game as an independent team, so our goal is simply to make a game as good as possible and enjoy in the process. Currently we are in the 40% of developing, and our currently goal is finish the game.

Follow us

We really appreciate your feedback, so please, leave some comment below.

What you can do for support us? You can follow our development here:


Meet the Team


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Development log


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Hi all! Only wants to share the Summer hit of F@ckBears, they will be part of Clarisse Soundtrack.  Enjoy 

Great demo! Really cool approach to the classic point-n-click gameplay. Very keen to see where you guys take it. Nice work.

Really thanks Nogoodnik Games :) Nice to meet you!

I like it!

Thank you! We are working hard to make it real Sismanski. Nice to meet you ;)


Thanks!! :)

Clarisse has been Greenlit by the comunnity!! Thanks to all for the help and feedback. Working hard to make it real.

Trees that grow everywhere... Even in lungs?

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We finally have launched our Greenlight campaign for "Clarisse". So if you wanna support us, you can do it through the next link! Mr. Cat will love you all!

Steam Greenlight Link: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/...


"In days like today Mr. Cat always raise my mood"

Happy Valentines day!

Hi all ! We want to tell you that we are working hard these days in Clarisse and...

Mr. Cat is alive! At the moment, he is constantly suffering from the movement of our laboratory devices. Fortunately, Mr. Cat knows how to accommodate himself.

Thank you for all the feedback in your comments and the video gameplay, it help us to know better the feeling of the game. Have a nice day from NotHumanGames Team :)

Liked it a lot! Covered it on my channel. Have small criticisms, but overall enjoyed it.

Hello ! Thanks for the video gameplay and for all the feedback you give us ! We try to improve the game with all the tips :)

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I'll leave my vid here, hope you get to make a lot more games. :) You did well at the type of game you were making, definitely drew me into the story. Hoping for more real soon!


Thanks ! We enjoy seeing the gameplay you made ! We hope to finish the game developement and bring the extended experience of the game. :)


I played through the demo too. I think I missed an email but other than that, I think I did okey as an AI :) . Is the good doctor... alright?

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Hey ! Thanks for playing and for the video review. It is super important all the feedback that you give us ! Thanks for the Grammar corrections (we have to be careful with that) and for you final thoughts about the game and how you like it to evolve.

We will keep up working very hard on Clarisse to make the better game that we can !

Thanks again :)

Hi I'm glad you like the video. The comments towards the end were speculation, thinking out loud. I can't wait to see where you take Clarisse. :)


Hello, I finished the game demo and that was excellent, the use of graphics and animations is impressive, I will wait for the full release of this game and hope to continue from where it left off. 5/5.

YouTube: Fellowplayer

Woahh ! thanks for the video review, man ! That´s awesome. We are very happy that you enjoyed the game ! We hope to end the development of the game in the next months :)